We asked our Silicon Jungle screenwriter a few questions on his background, influences and what inspired him to write this intriguing story. This is what he had to say...

What's your role on the film ?
I am the writer, I wrote the first draft of the screenplay for “Silicon Jungle” in 2009.

Where do you live ?
I live in Vancouver, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

What inspired you to write SJ ?
There are several themes in Silicon Jungle, ranging from solitude, hopeless love, synesthesia, artificial intelligence, and the ever-increasing merger between humanity and technology. But it all started really with a “simple” question: what if a digital virus could infect our brains?  

What’s your day job ?
I’m a software engineer and consultant during the day. I help companies implement Identity Management solutions.

What are your personal interests? 
Beyond computers? I love Cyberpunk! I’m also a musician and have played drums and percussions in quite a few bands. I’ve recorded and played in many shows too… Music, computers and humans have a great thing in common: they are clocked; they evolve through the rhythms that move them. 

Have you written before ?
I started writing Sci-Fi short-stories when I was as a teenager, in France. I’ve since published several short-stories in Canadian magazines. I was also a finalist at the Radio Canada short fiction contest in 2008 (of which I’m quite proud of since they were more than 500 submissions). And I won the Canadian Solaris prize for the best short story in 2008 for a tale titled “L’evasion” (“ The Escape”), in which a prisoner of a virtual prison escapes on the Internet. In a sense, SJ is a sequel to that story.

How do you know the director ?
Davin and I went to university together, we studied Computer Science in an international program between the University Rene Descartes in Paris and the University of Brighton. 

Are any of the characters based on people you know ?
Absolutely not, or else it’s purely involuntary. I must admit though that there is a wee bit of me in all the characters I create.

Do you see parallels with SJ and the times we're living in today ?
Yes, absolutely !

Favourite writers ?
Victor Hugo, Neal Stephenson, Brian Greene, William Gibson, Alain Damasio, Isaac Asimov…

Favourite directors ?
Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Bertrand Blier, Luc Besson, Ridley Scott, Ang Lee, Sergio Leone, Christopher Nolan, Jim Jarmusch, Akira Kurosawa, Tarantino, Cohen brothers.

Favourite films ?
“Delicatessen”, “Buffet Froid”, “Once upon a time in the West”, “Blade Runner”, the first “Matrix”, “Memento”, “7 Samurai”, “Akira”, “Ghost in the shell”, “Fargo”…

Why should people be interested in crowd-funding this film ?
It will be a visually striking crooked love-story which also presents an interesting take on today’s issues through some thought provoking ideas… I believe people will be intrigued enough to actually want to see it made so they can go see it !

What are your hopes for Silicon Jungle ?
An Oscar !

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