We asked the Director of Silicon Jungle, Davin Jeayes to fill us in on his background and influences and tell of what he loves most about this original film project...

Where do you live ?
I live in North London. London is a great city to live and work in, with such a wide range of people from all kinds of backgrounds - there is always so much going on. Silicon Jungle is set in London, in the near future.

Whats your day job ?
I freelance as a Director and Producer in video production. 

What are your personal interests ?
I love music, film, art and travel. I'm especially interested in how we perceive the world, and make sense of it all.

Have you directed movies before ?
I've directed several short films over the past few years. I made a short zombie film a little while back on a budget of £19.50 - which just about covered the lunch bill for the actors and crew who were amazing in their dedication to get that film made - which to our great delight went on to win 2 awards!

What made you decide you to take-on this project?
Alex (the writer) and I conceived the idea to work on a film together when I was in Vancouver back in 2009. Since then we've worked to develop the story and concepts to the point where we now feel it's ready to be made into an exciting and innovative film.

Who is your favourite character in the film and why ?
I have a love for all the characters in SJ, and feel a connection with each of them in different ways. However, if I had to choose one it would be Zak as it's really his personal choices and character that guide the story.

What is your favourite scene in the script, and why?
Well, that may reveal a little too much of the plot to go into details here. But I can say that there is a scene that takes place entirely in a virtual reality space where Zak discovers what has really happened to him and why.

Do any of the characters remind you of someone you know?
Yes, but that would be telling!

Do you see the story as a snapshot into the future ?
Well, perhaps not a snapshot per se, but it certainly looks into one possible future. Will it be our future ? Only time will tell....

Do you see parallels with SJ and the the times we're living in today ?
Oh certainly. We already live in a society where technology, whether we like it or not, is becoming more and more integrated into our lives with the result that human needs and emotions are constantly playing catch up. We touch on the darker aspects of our relationship with technology in SJ.

What stage of production are you at right now?
I'm currently putting together a great team for SJ - actors, production designer, cinematographer, etc - who not only understand the story we're trying to tell - but who are also as passionate as Alex and myself about making SJ the best film it can be! 

Favourite films ?
I love a wide variety of films from many genres. From classic sci-fi films such as "2001", "Blade Runner", "Alien", "Brazil", "The Matrix", to a few of my favourites from other genres..."Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", "Requiem for a Dream", "Goodfellas", The Lord of the Rings trilogy, "Apocalypse Now", "Eyes Wide Shut", "Wild at Heart", "Trainspotting", "Baraka" "Amélie", "Babel" ...

Favourite directors ?
Martin Scorsese, Chris Nolan, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Luis Buñuel,  Stanley Kubrick, Darren Aronofsky, Peter Jackson, Danny Boyle, Sam Mendes, Sergio Leone.

Why should people be interested in crowd-funding this film ?
I'm hoping people will be excited by what we are trying to achieve with this unique project, and will want to be a part of helping SJ get made. We are going to submit SJ to international film festivals for screening - as well as organising events ourselves -  so as many people as possible can enjoy the film and, hopefully, learn something from it.

Anything else you like to add ?
Yes, please, tell all your friends and colleagues about this project - we'd love as many people  as possible to be part of Silicon Jungle!

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